Xi’an City

Xi’an the birthplace of Chinese civilization.

Xi’an city is the capital of Shaanxi province is located in central China.  Xi’an is considered as the second most important city in entire China. Only here, back in time, the Silk Road finished. 

Xi´an has long history to share and also it is a symbol of modern and globalised future.

Capital of Shaanxi Province has a lot to offer and definitely has to be on your must-see place while you’re traveling to China. There are some spots and facts that you have to visit and know about. Check this out. 

Xi’an was the capital city of 13 imperial dynasties, what makes it rich in culture, heritage, history and traditions.

The most important and visited place is Terracotta Warriors, reaching 2200 years back in time. Its beauty, unique aspect, popularity made it international symbol of China´s history.

Terracotta Warriors is recognised international symbol of China across the Globe and definitely cannot be missed during your traveling here. 

Another very important aspect of Xian City is food. 

Considered as Great location, (central east China), easy access to all parts of the country, brought people from entire China to settle in this province.

Only here you can find mix of many original traditions in taste that came from different Chinese provinces and settled their homes here, bringing their taste and traditional preparation to Xi’an.

Some of the most popular dishes are: Dumplings, noodles, lamb, and kabobs (in Chinese roujiamo, Xi’an kabobs, guantang baozi, biangbiang noodles, and yangrou pao mo.).

While visiting local market, you will feel this special touch of many different traditions from across the country in one place! Don’t miss it!

Bell Tower of Xi’an

The iconic tower of the city is one of the most visited and photographed spot at night.

It used to be the geographical centre of the ancient capital.

The tower of Xi’an was connecting to the East, South, West and North Gates of the City Wall of the Ming Dynasty. 

It´s stunning beauty is an example of Ming-style architecture.

Drum tower 

The Drum Tower is located northwest of the Bell Tower of Xi’an, just across from the Bell and Drum Tower Square.

Both Bell Tower and Drum tower are called buildings’ or ‘morning bell and dark drum’.

Back in time, in ancient China in the Yuan Dynasty (1271/1368) the drums were used as alarm in emergency situation or just simple running out of time. 

Both of the towers are next to each other.

Today they bring and attracts visitors from across the Globe, where at night they photograph their charm, style and unique architecture but also try typical Chinese food on the local market just next to it! Don´t miss it! 

Daming Palace 

Yet another very important spot of  Xi’an City is famous Daming Palace.

This super large scale was the main palace during the Tang Dynadty time (618-907).

In the possession of this palace all the emperors lived and managed the state issues. 

Featuring its super-large scale and magnificent buildings. It was covering a large area of 3 km2, it was measured 2.5 km long and 1.4 km wide.

Daming Palace was the main royal palace in Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) where Tang emperors lived and dealt with state affairs.

Unfortunately, it was all was destroyed after Tang Dynasty. On June 22, 2014, it was included in the World Heritage List.

Back in time the Daming Palace had 2 different areas, Qian Chao where emperors held court, and Nei Ting used for living.

This palace had nine gates also countless elegant buildings attached to it as pavilions, towers, and corridors.

Since 1950s the work to recover and rebuilt Daming Palace were started. It was remarkable achievement through hard work and dedication.

Only in 1961, the State Council in  Xi’an city declared it as ‘the national key cultural relic protection unit.’

The Daming Palace has been rebuilt and opened to the public on October 1st, 2010. Big part of this palace of with has no addition fees. Check this out! 

Importance and popularity of Xi’an City. 

In 2014, The government of China established free visa policy for the city of Xian, which means it became internationally recognised and visited by travellers from across the Globe. Visit Xi’an for 72-hours Visa Free and admire its unique beauty! 

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