10 reasons why you should visit Jordan

Jordan has been my first stop in the Middle East. I am absolutely amazed by its beauty, hospitality of people and care. These are my 10 reasons why you should visit Jordan.

1. Jordan is a small country in the Middle East with one of the 7 Wonders of the Planet, Petra.

Petra as the Wonder of the Planet has been an emblematic place in Jordan visited by millions every year. Don’t miss this spectaculars place, full of history, ancients’ trails and incredible mountains views.

2. Who are the locals here?

Jordan is inhabited by Bedouins that happen to be one of the friendliest people with the greatest hospitality I came across while travelling.

3. Solo travelling is Jordan?

This idea is absolutely great as everybody gives you a hand in any issue you might not be sure. Don’t be afraid to ask, communication is the best way to explore and understand new country better.

4. Travelling across the country?

How to travel in Jordan? Travelling here without prearranged and expensive tours is quite easy.

You also don’t have to rent a car if you don’t have this chance.

Here in Jordan, there are a lot of public and local buses that will help you to reach your destination easy and relatively fast.

Each town or city you go, you will find local buses. Additionally there is one big bus company called Jett, well know for expensive prices but also good commodity. For the schedule, Visit the website, here.

5. What else can I see in Jordan apart from Petra?

Without any doubt everybody come to Jordan to see spectaculous Petra as one of the 7 Wonders of the Planet.

But, apart from that Jordan also offers authentic experience in the Bedouin caves or tents on the desert.

Where you can see their culture, try local cuisine prepared on the fire and smoke shisha.

Here is the camp site of the lovely local family where I stay. Check it out here. 100% recomended for everybody.

6. Speaking English in Jordan?

Some would think that communication is hard here, as they speak Arabic language, but you are wrong!

Bedouin people live from tourism; over 85% of their incomes come from Tourism.

They speak perfect English, no matter their age or background. Anybody will be able to help you if you need it.

Additionally many of them will welcome you with some words learnt from your language! Check it out.

7. Budget in Jordan?

Is travelling in Jordan expensive?

As solo travel girl, I think that Jordan is affordable. Everybody will find things to do for its budget.

From cheap shared dorms in the hostels to expensive and luxury hotel.

Only in 2019, Jordan welcomed 1 million visitors. Seeing this number, you can be sure that they are prepared for all kind of travellers from across the Globe.

8. Weather. What’s the weather like in Jordan?

Jordan is a country located on the desert and in the mountains.

While travelling on the desert you will feel extremely hot but once you find a bit of share, the temperature will drop immediately.

Nights in Jordan are very cold in winter, get ready and bring yourself some warm clothes.

9. Solo travel girls in Jordan?

Girls are more than welcome to visit and travel in Jordan.

Locals are extremely helpful with foreigners. Don’t be afraid to travel in Jordan alone.

Their only income here is tourism so they are very careful and protective when it comes to foreigners.

10. How to get to Jordan from overseas?

Most of the European countries offer great prices with low cost airlines as Wizzair or Ryanair.

Check out the closes airport and fly to Amman, Aquaba or Eliat in the neighbour Israel, check it out.

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