Why I love Jordan?

Before traveling to Middle East I didn’t know what to expect. Just after arriving I couldn’t understand why I haven’t been here before.

Jordan is a very nice and quiet country.

It has been receiving tourist for decades and even though millions of foreigners come here, Bedouin people are still nice and open to talk, share their stories and food.

They like to talk to foreigners, sharing their stories, adventures, culture and talking about their country.

They always try to share their knowledge about travelling and finding cheaper way to travel around.

They will find solution for everything, and way around. Since I arrived I was absolutely amazed by their hospitality, willing to help and share time with me.

Many times I was invited for food or tea, just to make me feel like at home.

Food. I ate the best falafel in Jordan and had amazing tea invitation just to spend time with them and share stories from across the Globe.

Without any doubt, falafel is amazing here and the best ever I had.

Bedouin people customs. They like to sit on the floor, share their stories and food.

There is always food and tea for everybody.

Planning to travel to Arabic countries?

If you plan to travel to Arabic countries as Jordan, first discard all the stereotypes that go with the Arabic culture.

Come here and discover the Kingdom of Jordan, they culture, traditions, food, landscapes and learn being friendly from their hospitality.

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