What to do and see in Uruguay – Guide

My detailed recommendation: What to do and see in Uruguay – Guide will help you better prepare for your adventures tough out the country.

After spending many years in the South America, I decided to call Uruguay as little Europe in the South America.

My travel guide will help you to organize you trip. I shared my experience of what to see and where to travel in Uruguay so you are better prepare for an adventure in this country.

Prepare better for your trip to Uriguay. Check out here: What to do and see in Uruguay – Guide. All the tips were prepared based on my personal experience while traveling to Uruguay.

Did you know that Uruguay is the most European country in the South America?

There are only 3 million inhabitants across the country with very strong European influence. I travelled around Uruguay and I totally admired this country. So, what can I see here?

As for solo travel girl Uruguay is a save country and people are very open minded. During my trip to Uruguay I met amazing locals that help me to understand better culture and recommended some places to visit.

What to see in Uruguay – Guide. Must see places during your trip.

On my trip to Uriguay I travel through the country , visiting many beautiful places, meeting amazing people and tasting local food. These are the places I would recomend for your visit:


The capital city of the country and also the most inhabited place in Uruguay: Montevideo.  If you travel to Montevideo, go and visit Montevideo Flag Square ( Plaza de la bandera en Montevideo). Additionally, I enjoyed visiting Beautiful food Markets in the city.

Punta del Este

The most visited place in the country is famous Punta del Este. This city is well known for beautiful beaches and also Los Dedos in Punta del Este.

Additionaly here in Punta del Este, you can visit beautiful wooden Church and the lighthouse.

Punta Ballena

My next stop in Uruguay was to see Punta Ballena where you could possibly observe the Whales. The most emblematic spot of this place is famous building called Casapueblo.


It is a very beautiful building constructed by the Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró. Casapueblo is located in Punta Ballena, just 13 kilometres from Punta del Este. It is absolutely worth to visit. The cost of entrance is 32 UYU / 9USD.

How to travel around this little country?

See more of Uruguay and travel around. As Uruguay is very safe country, you can travel by bus everywhere. The connections between the cities are very good and I didn’t have mayor inconveniences.

If you start your travelling from Montevideo, then you should find the main station called: Tres Cruces Shopping Terminal.

This particular terminal connects all the possible cities and towns in the country.

How to find Tres Cruces Shopping Terminal?

It is located in a big shopping mall called Tres Cruces, check out google maps here.

Just in the ground floor there is a huge Bus Terminal with all of the transportation companies in the country. There are a few big bus companies that I travelled with and I can totally recommend.

From my experience there are very comfortable, affordable and on time.

1) Tres Cruces, find all the necessary informations here.

2) COT, check it out here

When is the best time to travel to Uruguay?

The most convinient time to visit Uruguay is from October to March (summer in the southern hemisphere) during this time Punta del Este overflows with tourists.

If you are planning to spend some quiet time in Uruguayan coastline then consider going between October and December.

Money in Uruguay

Peso Uruguayo / Uruguayan Peso

1 USD = 43 UYU

Remember when you travel in South American countries, most of the countries have currency: peso.

Nevertheless, each country has different value of their PESO. From my personal recommendations, it is always the best to check the difference in value via XE website.

How much money I need?

My experience of travelling in Uruguay was not cheap. Here in Uruguay, things are affordable but not cheap.

Most of the things I was buying were quite over priced considering my travelling as budget. So, is actually Uruguay expensive?

Meal for one Meal: 400UYU / 9USD

Local beer: 95UYU / 2USD

Coffee: 100UYU / 2.5USD

How I would describe locals?

Uruguayan people are very friendly and they all love watching and playing football.

Family meetings accompanied with watching football maches, roasted barbeque meat and drinking yerba mate is something very common among locals.

There is something that I found interesting.

Uruguayan people to carry thermo with yerba mate in their standard leather bags.

It doesn’t matter if they go to the cinema, shopping mall, walk in the park or barbeque. They never forget it.

The Culture of eating red meat

Uruguay people love meat, and they are one of the principle exploring countries of meat in the World.

What about the agriculture in Uruguay if they eat so much meat?

Uruguay is an agriculture country. If is easy to notice when you are overflying the country. Most of the views you will get are the never ending plantations and caw farming.

If you are planning you trip to Uruguay, see here the best way to find your cheap flight.

Football and religion in Urugay?

For Uruguayan people football is like a religion. They love football more than everything. Football is part of their culture and national pride.

So what happens with cannabis in Uruguay?

Uruguay became the first country in the world where the production and selling of Cannabis is legal.

Since the country is so liberal and open minded the abortion and homosexual marriage is legal as well.

After my trip to Uruguay I decided to call this country Little Europe in South America considering its people, infrastructure and high prices. A solo travel girl, I really enjoyed this amazing and friendly country.

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