Visiting Petra? Here’s everything you need to know. Travel Guide

Petra in Jordan is one of the Seven Wonders of the Planet. This Travel Guide is everything you need to know before visiting Petra in Jordan.

Pocket Travel Guide to Petra.

Petra as one of the 7 Wonders of the Planet impressed me completely.

Its beauty and never-ending roads will move you into different century.

Petra is one of the most famous and desired archaeological side in the World. It was covered with the sandstone and established as early as the 3rd or 4th century B.C.

It was not know till 1812 when it was ´´rediscovered´´ by Swiss Explorer Johannes Burckhardt who dressed as an Arab and convinced his Bedouin guide to take him to the lost city.

After his visit, Petra became extremely famous in the west, as fascinating ancient city and started to attract visitors from across the Globe as it does today.

Only in 2019, there were 1 million foreign visitors registered in Petra.

Map of Petra

How to get to Petra?

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Planning trip to Petra? When is the best time?

Petra has 2 extreme seasons, very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

The best time to travel comfortably and warm is from March to May or from September to November.

If you plan to visit Petra without crowds, go to the gate at 6am in the morning or very late in the afternoon. 

How long to stay in Petra? And how much does it cost?

Getting to Petra you can purchase the entrance ticket upon arrival in the Visitor Centre.

You must show your passport in order to purchase the ticket. All the tickets are issued on your name.

They accept cash and credit cards in the cashier. In Petra there are around 15 spots where you will go and explore.

From my experience it is better to buy 2 day pass to Petra as it gives you more time to explore, walk, trek and take amazing photos.

  1. One  day pass costs 50JOD (70USD)
  2. Two day pass costs 55JOD (77USD)

Is getting a guide in Petra necessary?

Exploring Petra is absolutely possible by your own.

But also, it is highly advisable to get a guide to visit Petra in order to learn about hidden spots, incredible history of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

From my experience, history of Petra is so fascinated, rich and at the same time complicated, that getting a local guide would be a great value to your visit.

You can hire a guide from the visitor centre starting at 50 JOD (about $70 US). Sometimes it is possible to get group discount with more people.

If you want to better understand Bedouin culture and history, get one of the guides here.  I would recommend purchase of these ones:

What should I bring to Petra?

Petra is not only the biggest archaeological site in the World, it is also huge market place adjusted to our needs, where you can find basically everything.

Water is on sale, but still, it is highly overpriced so then make sure you bring your own. From my experience, doing over 40 km around Petra within 2 days, bringing comfortable shoes is the most important.

Apart from that, highly recommended is to bring sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and some cash for your own needs and expenses.

In the area of Petra there are a few points with toilets that are clean and free of use.

See my full guide for your solo trip with all the necessary things and information that you need here.

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Top must see sites in Petra

These are 15 spots you will be visiting during your time in Petra.

The Treasury as the most symbolical and visited spot of Petra for sure will be on your list.

Its incredible colours, changing dramatically with the sun, will help you to get incredible photo shots.

There are few places where your photos can get really incredible. These are the most representative and photographed spots of Petra.

The Siq

Its 1.2 km canyon with narrow, vertical walls, without any doubt one of the highlights of Petra.

Walking through this magical corridor gives you anticipation of something wonderful ahead.

The narrow rock starts at the entrance to Petra and leads to the first facade, the beginning of Petra city, Treasury.

The Nabataeans and the nature that both made leading passage to sacred way that was punctuated back in time with spiritual significance.

The Treasury (Al Khanza)

It is literally breathtaking.

After many years of dreaming about this amazing place, finally I arrived to see it with my proper eyes.

During the walk through the walls of the Siq, you will see glimpses of the Treasury until the view opens completely.

The Treasury is almost 40 meters high, decorated with Corinthian capitals, friezes and figures.  Check this amazing Wonder of the Planet.

The Monastery

Hidden in the Hills of Petra, impressive and for sure, second most visited in entire Petra, the Monastery.

Hike over 800 steps in the heat and hills in order to see the legendary monument of Petra.

The Monastery is quite similar in design to the Treasury but far bigger measuring 50 meters wide and 45 high, built in the 3rd century BCE as Nabataean tomb.

After Arriving to the top, your effort of over 800 steps in the Jordanian Mountains will be rewarded by spectacular views of the Ancient City. Check this out.  

Al-Khobtha Trail

This is the most recommended and hard hike in Petra to see the Treasury from above.

Al-Khobtha Trail is also called Treasury Overlook where you have one of the best views for The Treasury.

I came across this trail quite accidentally as the entrance is just next to the Royal Tombs which starts across the road from the Nabataean Theater.

Look for the sign “Al-Khobtha” and continue all to the top with the longest steps rock stairs. It is all worth is to see exemplary The Treasure from the above.

Obelisk Tomb

Just at the beginning of the entrance to Petra you will pass by first tomb carved called Obelisk Tomb.

This Tomb is a unique combination of Egyptian and Greco Roman architecture.

The Obelisk itself is Egyptian origin, but the niches between the obelisks are Greco-Roman. 

Palace Tomb

This Palace measures 49 metres in width and 46 metres in height.

The lower part of the Tomb consists of 12 decorated columns and four gates.

Besides being badly damaged, it is still sight of admiration.

The Colonnaded Street

These parts of Petra are the rests of the Romans who took control over Petra in 106 AD.

Romans were masters at building. Their roads still remain today, along with several different columns lining the side of the road.

Qasr al-Bint

This is the only free standing building left in Petra.

It is believed that it served as the main temple in the ancient Nabatean capital.

Roman Theater

It was built by Nabataeans in the 1st century AD and is located on the Street of Faces.

The Theatre was originally built to house 3000 people and later expanded for 7000.

Royal Tombs

These are series of facades carved from the sandstone mountain, called the tombs of Nabataean Royalty.

The Street of Facades

These are the long row of monumental Nabataean tombs carved into the southern cliff right after The Treasury.

On the both sides of the cliffs, there are many Nabataean burial interfaces decorated with grindstones.

Some of them were partially destroyed by the natural disasters.

Without any doubt, seeing them with your proper eyes is breathtaking.

After my visit and amazing experience in Petra, Jordan, I could easy understand why Petra was voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the Planet.  

After arriving to Petra I felt like stepping back to simpler era where Bedouin people live their traditional lifestyle since centuries till now.

I am absolutely amazed by Petra and its people. Learn more about this beautiful place in my following articles.

How to get to Jordan?

Jordan is very well connected with European countries. Most of the small low cost airports fly either to Amman or neighbour Ejlat in Israel.

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Where to stay in Petra?

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What camera do I use?

Since I have been travelling across the Globe for many years now, I decided to invest a bit in a good camera. This is the one I am using.

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