Travel cheap to Easter Island, Guide

Easter Island is the most remote island in the World inhabited by Rapa Nuis. My Travel Guide to Easter Island will show you how to travel cheap.

Rapa Nui Island, the greatest experience of your life

Easter Island or Rapa Nui is a magic place that will change your live forever. Unique landscapes surrounded by magic Moais will move you into Polynesia atmosphere.

Check out my travel guide and learn how to travel to the Easter Island cheap, happy with the best memories ever.

See my Solo Travel Guide to be better prepared for your next adventure.

Curiosities about Easter Island

Easter Island is the most remote island in the World inhabited by Rap Nui residents.

The closest continental point lies in Chile, 3,512 kilometres (approx 6 hours by plane).

In 1888 it was annexed as special Chilean theretory but administratively it belongs to  Valparaíso Region in Chile.

Easter Island is a part of the Polinesian Triangle.


The factory of Moais: Rano Raraku

There are more than 900 Moais distributed around the Island in various stage of contruction.

Moais were sculptured by the ancient Rapa Nui residents of the Island in the volcanic cone Rano Raraku.

Till today there are more than 400 Moais in various stages of construction. All the Moais were constructed in the Rano Raraku and later transported throughout the Island by the local Rapa Nuis.

Rano Raraku, factory of Moais in Easter Island

The historical data of the whole development of the Moais is between 700 AD and 1600 AD. All of the Moais were produced in the Volcano Rano Raraku which now is called the factory of Moais (see below).


Easter Island: World Heritage Site UNESCO

UNESCO named  Easter Island a World Heritage Site in 1995 and it is fully protected by Rapa Nui National Park.

According to the Chilean census, in the Easter Island there are almost 6000 inhabitants which 60% are descendants of the aboriginal Rapa Nui.

There is something you can´t miss on the Island!

Tacona: traditional Rapa Nui body painting

One of the things you can’t miss on the Island is body painting. It is an authentic experience of meeting local Rapa Nuis but also being painted in the very traditional way. Go for it during your visit on the Island.

On the Island you can find lot of places where Native Rapa Nuis will paint your body.

Nevertheless, sometimes the prices are just too high. Before flying to the Easter Island, I did proper research and I found very nice Rapa Nui family which offer painting with very convenient price.

For half day session with twice dress changing I paid 50.000CLP (75USD). That was the cheapest option I found with very natural and traditional painting.

See the exchange rate with XE Currency APP to be up to dated during your trip.

The man who is painting me on the photo is named Bato and he is very recognized Rap Nui painter.

The photo session was taken by his wife Margarita. Being painted by real Rapa Nui man in the cave next to the sea was definitely one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

Tacona: traditional Rapa Nui body painting

Rapa Nui painting with Margarita and Bato

Margarita Cáceres Moya, Coordinadora Escuela de Música ONG TOKI. ONG Toki.  56281599, Productora General Amu’a / 84778453 – 96919520

Contact them in advance and book your Rapa Nui Photo Session.

Tacona: traditional Rapa Nui body painting on Easter Island

How to survive on the Island without spending too much money?

Easter Island is an expensive place but there are also budget options for solo travellers, backpackers and low budget explorers.

As I am a backpacker across the Globe, I always search for the cheapest way of travelling. There are a lot of options of accommodation in the Island as: hostels, hotels, Air B&B, Cottage, Camping or even Couch Surfing.

The cheapest and the most adventurous  option for your accommodation is Camping!

Camping is the best option for the backpackers. The price is very convenient: 6.000CLP (9USD) per night with your proper tent and sleeping bag.

If you pay 7.000CLP (10 USD) per night you will have everything included: tent, sleeping bag and mattress.

If you stay  one the camping, you will meet people from around the world.

From my personal experience, I can recommend Mihinoa Camping as it is very big, clean with huge kitchen.

Each guest gets his locker to the kitchen.

Also, the camping provide very big salon with internet connection, WIFI and place where you can charge your electronic devices.

Camping on Easter Island

How to travel to the Island?

There are only 2 ways of travelling to the Island. You can get there either flying with Lan Chile or taking Military Naxy Ship.

Fly with LAN Chile from Santiago, Chile,

LAN Chile is the only airline that flies to the island. Prices are very high even if you book your trip in advance.

I reserved my flight 8 months before and it costed me 180.000CLP (276USD), flying in April.

For better price of yoru flight, you can search via

Check out my secrets of finding cheap flight here.

Availabe in Spanish, here.

Navy Military Chilean Ship ( Fuerza Armada de Chile) from Valparaíso, Chile. 

The another possible option of travelling to the Island is taking three weeks Navy ship.

In order to be accepted you have to enrol in their web page and stay in the waiting list. If you are lucky, they will call you one day  with a place for you.

What to eat on the Island?

Generally the Island is an expensive place, considering that everything comes from the continent brought by the ship. Most of the low cost travellers bring food from the continent and then cook.

Buying food of the Island can be even 3 or 4 times more expensive than on the continent. From my personal experience it is better to take dry food as pastas, tins, coffee or rice with you. The rest of the products as delicious fresh fruits and vegetables you can purchase on the Island.

Once you arrive to the Island, you can´t miss eating empanadas with tuna. They have the best tuna and sea food there as everything is fresh and taken from the Ocean.

Travel cheap to Easter Island, guide . Traditional empanada with tuna

Real Rapa Nui Show must see!

The most emotional show I saw in my live. During my stay I decided to see traditional Rapa Nui dance performance. I was really great and I would recommend it to anybody during your stay on the Island.

Here you can see some videos I did while enjoying the show:

1) Rapa Nui Dance:  Click here. 

2) Tahiti Dance: Click here. 

See where to stay with your budget, here.

Remember, if you want to travel cheap on the Easter Island follow my travel guide and its recommendations.  Stay on the camping, bring your own products from the continent, hitch hike or rent a bicycle.

Your trip to this remote Island will be unforgettable and magic. If you have been to Easter Island please leave a comment below and tell me about your experience.

You can also follow my adventures on Instagram and Facebook to be up to dated about my adventures across the Globe.

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