Shanghai. New future of China!

Shanghai it is the most international and western oriented city in China.

Considered as one of the biggest cities in the World, vibrant metropolis, World Financial Center that brings and attract many foreigners from across the Globe. 

Without any doubt, it is very hard to get work VISA in this prestigious and so international province of China.

Its international charm, skyscrapers and western style atmosphere attract many visitors but also international companies to open their financial base here.

Shanghai has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to culture, history or entertainment. Only here in China, every year, famous and international stars come to Shanghai to perform their music and show.

There are some places that you can’t miss while traveling to Shanghai! Check this out!

1. The bunt and its international charm!

So prestigious, beautiful and Shanghai’s most popular place is here! Walk along the pavement and admire the Modern architecture of skyscrapers that happen to be World´s Financial Center for many companies including HSBC and North China Daily News.

2. Yuyuan Gardens and the beauty of nature!

If you want to find a bit of old Ancient China in Shanghai and also rest from big skyscrapers, then you have to visit this beautiful Yuyana Gardens.

Only here you can find old pavilions, beautiful fountains, ponds and amazing old trees surrounded by ancient buildings with traditional architecture. (Entrance fee 30Yuan)

3. Huxinting Tea House and its long history!

This is definitely must-see place during your traveling to Shanghai!

It was constructed during Ming Dynasty and considered as last authentic tea house in Shanghai.

It was also visited by Queen Elizabeth II. The meaning of the bridge that surrounds the tea house it to shut evil spirits out.

4. Shanghai food and its particular taste!

This city wouldn’t be so impressive without its delicious and so distinctive cuisine.

Shanghai food attracts not only locals but also is admired by its foreign visitors.

Shanghai night markets must be on your list! Check it out!

5. Shanghai local culture with no shame!

Chinese people love music and dance.

It is true that music makes people happy and alive.

In Shanghai, you can see people dancing and socializing in the city parks and surrounding, always with loud music, costumes and dance.

6.  Famous Shopping Street in Shanghai.

If you want to find everything in one place: food, clothes, music, dance and see real Chinese crowds, then go to Shanghai shopping street. Just here you will see vibrant Shanghai atmosphere full of modern boutique, contrast between fancy and local restaurants and locals dancing with loud music.

Shanghai has a lot to offer.

It’s a big western city in the Mainland of China.

Shanghai became base for multinational companies bringing and hiring people from across the Globe.

Considering the fact that the expat group is progressing significantly, city grows fast with big human potential. Visit Shanghai and have an adventure of your life in this international metropolis.

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