La Paz Travel Guide for solo traveller

La Paz in Bolivia is the highest located capital city in the World. Travelling to Bolivia will move you back in time. La Paz Travel Guide for solo traveller will help to organize your trip and better understand local, indigenous people.

What to expect in Bolivia?

Travelling to Bolivia is like travelling back in time. Local indigenous people, their traditional clothes, way they live and language they speak is something different to the rest of the countries in the South America.

During your trip you will encounter indigenous people, their deep traditions and strong culture and believes. In Bolivia you will be surrounded by unforgettable landscapes, high mountains, street markets and many strong indigenous believes.

La Paz Travel Guide for solo traveller will help you to prepare for the trip before you go and will better guide you during your visit. Check it out.

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Capital city La Paz, the highest located capital in the World

The city of La Paz is the highest capital in the world as it is located on the 3650 meters above sea level and is considered as one of the highest cities on Earth. Official name of this capital is Nuestra Señora de La Paz. 

Who are the people in Bolivia?

During my solo travelling in Bolivia I met many indigenous people wearing traditional clothes. The explanation for it is that Bolivia is a country with the highest percentage of the indigenous population in the South America.

The Pachamama, which means Mother Earth for indigenous people. The city of La Paz carefully maintains unique traditions and culture of the country.

My Solo traveller guide will help you to better understand the culture and prepare for the trip too.

What to do and where to go in La Paz?


One of the best attractions that you can´t miss while visiting this capital is taking the Gondola up to the El  Alto Region in La Paz.

During the way to the top, you will have the best views of the city, its beautiful surrounding and the high mountains. Also, on the way you will see very big central cemetery.

The views of the city and the mountains are just spectacular so then, don´t forget to take your camera with you!

Once arriving to the top, you will see huge flea market (see below) where locals sell their products and deal with their businesses.

Check out details about the Gondola La Paz and it routes here.



Every Sunday in the El Alto Region of La Paz, there is a typical flea market where you can find basically everything.

They are selling clothes, fruits, vegetables, food and even handicrafts.

Big Bolivian chaos but extremely interesting to see and discover. On this market, I ate one of the best cuisines while I was exploring Bolivia.

It was stuffed potato and banana with vegetables prepared by local traditional Bolivian cook.



When I arrived to La Paz, I didn´t really know what to expect. Just after,  I left the airport I already knew that I was going to love Bolivia.

When I reached the city centre, I noticed a huge event with dancing parade. I was very lucky as it was a big music festival that takes place only once per year every August.

There were dozens of dancers performing and bands playing the music on the street. All the people were wearing traditional colourful clothes and enjoying an important festival.

During the show, I was lucky to take some pictures with the dancers and try typical Bolivian food and beverages


What to eat and drink in Bolivia? Essencial!

SUCUMBÉ: traditional liquor with milk from Bolivia

This drink is something very traditional in La Paz and you can try it only here.

SUCUMBÉ is prepared with milk, cloves, cinnamon and Singani (Bolivian alcohol) and has to be consumed hot.

The importance of consuming this drink is to combat cold evenings and nights in La Paz.

I had a chance to try it during the music festival and I really enjoyed the taste.

El mercado de Las Brujas en La Paz

Handicraft shopping in La Paz

There are a lot of really nice markets where you can get the most typical and traditional souvenir and gift from Bolivia. The most famous and visited by foreign travellers is ´El Mercado de las brujas´.

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Llama fetuses ready to sell everywhere on the market. What is it all about?

While walking around the market, I noticed hundreds of llama fetuses ready for sale. Different shapes and age. I was wondering why do they sell it? It doesn´t even look nice.

llama fetuses, what is it all about?

I asked some sellers and they explained me the story.

According to ancestral beliefs, if a foetus of a llamas burnt under the earth where a new house will be built, then the fortune for this home is forecasted.

Considering this belief, the largest of the foetus are used. I also asked why they use small foetus of the llama.

If you think about Bolivian believes and strong indigenous culture, you should burn small foetus with the addition of chewing coca leaves get a personal luck.

This market is really worth to visit, as all the stands are decorated with colourful handicrafts and handmade figures. 

In the country with the highest percentage of indigenous population, it all has an important meaning.

In each of the stalls of this market,  you will find splendid fabrics, figures of handicrafts or the classic charangos (small Bolivian guitar).

What are the meanings of all this figures and handicrafts?

There are Amulets to seek fortune, small figurines of frogs for money, condors gives protection in travel, owl is the King of wisdom, turtles are to claim a long life or pumas are believed to find a new job.

Also, Tarot Cards that you can throw right there. These are only some of the details that are never missing on  the witch market.

Bolivia will became your favourite country in South America

During your trip in Bolivia you will encounter all mentioned experiences. All of them are based on my personal experience of travelling to Bolivia twice and exploring this mysteries land of indigenous people.

My Solo Traveller Guide to La Paz contains all the information and experiences I saw and lived during my solo travelling across the country.

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Have you been to La Paz in Bolivia? Leave a comment about your  impressions and experiences below.

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