Jordan, land of tradition, great hospitality and unforgettable landscapes

Thousands of people gather to Jordan just to see Petra as one of the Seven Wonders of the Planet. Without any doubt, Petra is absolutely amazing place, 100% worth to visit and explore it by your own.

But apart from that take some time here to travel through this desert country and see its beauty.

Feel the Arabic atmosphere and learn about Bedouin culture, traditions, cuisine, coffee, sweets, do some shopping and photograph amazing landmarks.

My recommendations of things to do in Jordan, check this out.

Petra is one of the Seven Wonders of the Planet

I would definitely recommend exploring Petra better.

Buy 2 day pass to Petra and see the most of it. Sometimes it takes longer to hike into the hidden places but, trust me, it is 100% worth.

Prices; 1 day, 50JOD (70USD) and 2 days: 55JOD (77USD).

Go for an adventure on the desert

If you are looking for authentic adventure, disconnection from the routine, people and the Internet, then go for a trip on the Jordanian desert.

There are many forms of exploring desert. You can choose 1-2 or even 3 days tour with English-speaking guide that will show you hidden places and will help you to take distinguished photos.

During your time on the desert you will be driven by the places older than the Dead Sea itself.

Explore Khazali Canyon and watch petroglyphs on the rocks

During your trip in the desert, ask you driver or guide to drive you to the Canyon called Khazali.

This is very important and rich in history part of the desert. In this part of the desert water collects in the desert which locals made holly or even blessed.

In this canon you can find 3 types of rock art: Kufic Inscriptions, South Safaitic, Thamudic E, or Hispaic inscriptions and petroglyphs.

The last one (petroglyphs) shows humans, animals and foot prints. In this Canyon you can spot male and female figures which are quite easy to recognize because of the width of their hips.

Some of the figures are seen giving birth between rocks what is still being practice in the local region.

Do you like smoking shisha?

Then Jordan is for you. Smoking shisha has very long roots in the Jordanian culture where people gather together to share shisha and coffee as part of their socialization and meetings.

Around Jordan, there are a lot of coffee shops, cafes or even many stores where you can buy Shisha supplies for home.

For Jordanian people smoking shisha is very popular, they also call it Argeela or Hookah.

There are different and widely available flavours such as Apple, Lemon, Spearmint, Grape, Strawberry, and others while the double apple flavour (usually called Tefahten) happen to be the most popular one..

Do you like to drink good coffee?

Then Jordan is your place on Earth. Drinking coffee in Jordan is more than just another beverage, it is tradition to bring people together, and show their respect to each other.

Qahwa sada (which means coffee), Black, cardamom flavoured Arabic coffee is deeply rooted in the Jordanian culture.

Serving coffee and also tea to guests or visitors is a large part of the Hashemite Kingdom’s warm hospitality.

What is why many times, you will be invited for drinking tea with locals while travelling across Jordan.

Additionally, there are a lot of coffee shops or places where coffee is still prepared on the hot sand, very authentic Arabic style and absolutely amazing.

All around Jordan you will see people preparing traditional tea on basic fire.

Food in Jordan, its delicious and for vegetarians!  

When you arrive to Jordan, try some local cuisine like falafel. Without any doubt I had the best falafel in my life.

For being vegetarian I always opt for vegetables oriented meals. In Jordan, I was over the moon with fresh vegetables and homemade falafel on each and every corner.

Jordanian sweets

In Jordan there are many varieties of the sweet desert, which often includes either semolina dough or thin-pasty that looks like dry noodles made of sugar.

Very often, the dough is soaked in syrup, or other flavours or just simple sugar syrup and most typically is then filled with cheese.

During my travels in Jordan, I became addicted to Arabic sweets. Once I was in Wadi Mousa, I found Jordanian sweet shop where I was spending my evenings, eating and trying different types of sweets.

After few times of visiting this shop, sellers were already my friends. Try it out and for sure you will come back many times.

Travel to the Dead Sea and float in the water what is possible only in few places in the planet

The water in the Dead Sea is extremely salty and has been estimated to be the second saltiest water in the world.

Because of the hypersalination of the water, one can float in the Dead Sea.

Additionally, there is a lot of mud along the shore of the Dead Sea which contains many minerals and is believed to have medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

It is very popular for visitors to cover our bodies with dark, therapeutic mud.

Another spot for many visitors is Aquaba city

It has access to the Red Sea. This one is way different from the Dead Sea.

Here you can see authentic underwater life full of coral reef and colourful fish.

For many travellers the city of Aquaba Jordan is the first stop in Jordan and also first time in the Middle East. Many people fly to the neighbour Israeli city; Eilat, due to good and cheap airlines connections.

Sunsets on the desert

Sunsets are always magic, great for photos and unforgettable. During your trip in Jordan, don’t forget to stop over in the desert to live one of the most amazing and colourful sunsets that you will ever see.

Shopping in Jordan

As part of solo travelling across the Globe, shopping isn’t my cup of tea.

Nevertheless, in Jordan I found beautifully made crafts.  I felt in love with the colourful Jordanian pottery, handmade paintings and scarves.

If you like shopping and souvenirs, then you will find things for you.

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