Iquique, desert city in Chile

IQUIQUE desert city in Chile, Guide

Iquique in Chile is a desert city that offers warm climate, long beaches, free tax zone and perfect time for your holiday, see this Travel Guide to be better prepared for your trip.

The city of Iquique is situated approximately 2000 kilometres in the north of Santiago in the Region of Tarapaca. 

Region I in Chile, comprising the provinces of Arica, Parinacota and Iquique.

The desert city of Iquique is one of the country’s most visited cities with its great climate, beautiful and long beaches and also perfect place for shopping lovers as there is the biggest free tax zone in Chile.

Iquique is called Little Miami for most of the Chileans. Its mild climate, warm Pacific Ocean makes it perfect spot for summer holiday in Chile.

Landing in Iquique in Chile

Free Tax Zone in Iquique

Additionally, Iquique is a perfect place for shopping lovers. Here in Iquique, there is a huge free zone tax (Zona Franca) where the holiday makers enjoy their evenings buying perfumes, electro domestics, etc. See the details here.

Enjoy water sports in Iquique

From the other point of view, Iquique is also nice place to practise water sports as surfing or up stand paddle. Rent a kayak, up stand paddle or scooter.

There are plenty of places where you can rent boards, boats, kayaks or scooters which is relatively cheap.

Where to stay in Iquique?

Iquique offers plenty of hotels and hostel for every budget. There are also a lot of apartments to rent for Chilean families.

Check out your place to stay here:

Perfect place for Backpackers

Backpackers Hostel Iquique. This is really nice spot for young travellers and foreigners. Check it out and book your stay in this hostel.

Iquique in the north of Chile is an interesting place to visit. The most northern city in Chile, where you can enjoy beach, warm Ocean and water sports. 

How to get to Iquique?

Iquique is the most northern city in Chile. The most convenient way of getting to Iquique is taking a flight from Santiago. You can fly either with LAN or SKY AIRLINES.

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