Huacachina: Oasis in South America, Guide

Travel with my guide to Huacachina, real Oasis in South America. Huacachina is home for adventure and adrenaline on the sand. Check out my guide.

Where is Huacachina?

The desert called: ´Oasis in South America´. It is  situated just 5 hours in the south of Lima in Peru with very easy and fast access.

The closest town as a reference point is Ica and it is located only 10 minutes from Huacachina, small and nice city on the coast.

Check out my guide to Huacachina and be better prepared to explore Oasis in South America.

Huacachina is a home for adventurers who loves adrenaline and sports as buggy and sandboarding down the dunes.

It is a desert surrounded by palm trees and gigantic sand dunes, similar to those seen in the Sahara Desert in Africa. It is real natural wonder in Peru.

What to do in Huacachina?

The most famous sport activity in the region is the Dune Buggy and Sandboarding.

When you travel to Huacachina, you can´t miss it. Travellers from around the World arrive to Huacachina to practise sandboarding and enjoy amazing sunset on the dunes.

Every year there is an international competition of Sandboarding and buggy with competitors from around the World.

Take a ride on the buggy with profesional driver

If you can´t drive then there are quite a lot of places where you can join a group of people with professional driver and have a ride on the buggy.

The prices are relatively cheap and convinient for your pocket. You can choose either day or night tour.

Regarding the excessive temperatures on the desert, I recommend to take an evening ride to enjoy sunset and sand boarding at night.

The buggy drivers departure 3 times per day at 10 AM, 1PM and 4PM. There are also evening rides.

It is recommendable to take evening ride as the temperature is more enjoyable at the desert. The buggy ride takes from 45 minutes up to 1hour. It is not necessary to book it earlier as there are a lot of drivers offering the ride.

How to get to Huacachina?

There are no flights to Ica so you can choose public bus or private transport there.

The closest airport from Ica is located in Lima. Check out my secrets of finding cheap flights.

By Bus: the bus companies Cruz del Sur,  OLTURSA, and CIAL, all of them departure from Lima.

It takes approximately 5 hours by bus. Local bus companies like SOYUZ also offer service along this route with no need of previous reservation.

I travelled with Cruz del Sur and I can recommend this service, it was comfortable, fast and full of foreigners.

Don´t forget to book it in advance because the company has limited seats for service. I booked my tickets online: Cruz del Sur

Ica versus Huacachina

Ica is a big city and your point of reference while travelling from different parts of Peru.

But Huacachina is a small town called Oasis of America with beautiful sand dunes and lake.

After arriving to Ica, you have to take a taxi or tuk tuk to Huacachina. It is about 10 minutes. Taxis are cheap and safe.

The best option is to take registered taxi from the inside of the bus station as it is the safest option and will cost around $4 USD per person.

Local taxis hired on the street will charge around $2 USD per person to drive you to Huacachina.

There is also an option for private transport for luxury client or families.

Travelling around South America and Peru? Check out my secrets of finding cheap flights here.

Where to stay in Huacachina?

There are plany of accommodation available for budget of everyone. Hotel, hostels B & B, or even Couch Surfing.

A lot accomodation offer staying in Ica and later take taxi to Huacachina. Nevertheless, spend some more time searching for the hostels and book a place for you in Huacachina which is much nicer than Ica.

How to travel around in Huacachina?

The best and the most economic option is to take tuk tuk and travel between Ica and Huacachina. You can also travel with tuk tuk and visit different interesting spots.

What to visit close by?

There are plenty of interesting activities that you can do outside of Huacachina.

Everyone will find something interesting to do. From my personal experience, I would recommend to do the activities below.


Paracas is also well known as El Chaco. It is a small beach resort on the Southern coast of Peru, 145 miles (235km) south of Lima. Paracas means raining sand in Quechua.

Visit Paracas and enjoy great place for long walk alone the Pacific Ocean.

The Mina beach

Amazing place to enjoy the beach and the nature. There are not too many people so it is perfect place to relax and get brown.

Islas Ballestas

This place is very attractive and interesting spot to visit in the region.

You can take half day tour with a guide from Huacachina. The guide will show you marine wildlife reserve near the village of Paracas.

Later, you will take a boat to the Island where you can see wide range of mammals and birds. There are a lot of them: including Humboldt penguins, sea lions, fur seals, and huge marine birds.

Visit Winery and Pisco production factories

Just a few minutes from Huacachina, there are a lot of wineries and pisco-producing factories which are typical PISCO TOURS.

On this tour, you can taste and learn about authentic Peruvians Pisco. Additionally, you will visit sweet red wine industry which is famous around this region. For more information click here.

   Archeology Museum

This museum is very interesting to learn about mummies in the region. You can also find here ceramic objects made by ancient tribes and high values textiles.

All comes from this zone of Peru. For more details, click here.

   Nazca Lines

Only 2 hours from Huacachina, there is a desert with very famous Nazca Lines.

These are gigantic figures which were scraped by ancient tribes. The Lines became worldwide source of curiosity and mystery.

Most of the Nazca Lines are presenting monkeys, dogs or hummingbirds.

There are a lot of tours with small aircraft. Tourist agencies offer flights from Ica to Nazca which allows to safe time and enjoy landscapes between Ica and Nazca. Book your tour here.

Visiting Huacachina in Peru was a great adventure and at the same time big surprise.

I found this place thanks to recommendation of my travel friend.

Huacachina is an Oasis in South America that I visited and wrote guide for future travellers. I hope it can help you to better organise for the trip.

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If you travelled to Huacachina, please tell me about your adventures in the comment below.

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