Have you heard about tropical Chinese Paradise?

Here it goes my pocket for Chinese tropical paradise on Hainan Island.

After almost 12 years of living everywhere and travelling to almost 70 countries alone here is why I chose Hainan Island to stay for longer.

Beautiful and tropical nature

Hainan Island is the only tropical province in China.

It is located on the small island in the south of China.

Hainan Island was discovered only 10 years ago and since then, it became nationally recognise as the best place to live in China regarding the nature, climate and fast economical development.

Clear air in China! Where?

It is hard to think that in China there are actually places with clear air, right?

It is actually happening only on Hainan Island. It is the smallest province in China and the only one that is located outside of Mainland.

Hainan is far away from the industrial zone. Here on Hainan, the only production comes from farming and growing tropical fruits and vegetables.

Amazing sunsets

There is no doubt that islander live is quite different from the Mainland.

Here on Hainan we can observe incredible sunsets from any part of the Island. We have never ending coastline which gives us sunsets on the beach.

After two years of being here, I am still not tired of watching them.

Never-ending coast line

Without any doubt beaches on Hainan Island are incredible.

Chinese people don’t tent to enjoy beaches as they are always afraid of getting brown.

So, beaches are amazing in Hainan and mostly empty.

Beautiful Colonial Street to walk and photograph in Haikou

One of the most visited places in Haikou is the colonial Qilou Old Street.

It’s the only maintained place on the Island in Nanyang-style architecture.

Both locals and national visitors come here to take beautiful photos or pre-wedding photo sessions.

Charming and colourful buildings and streets are making it unique and unforgettable.

Outstanding street food markets

For anybody who travels to China, food is one of the most important aspects of the visit.

On the Hainan Island food is quite different from other parts of China.

Here you can find mostly tropical fruits and vegetables and also many different kinds of sea food and fish.

Meet charming and talented locals

What I have learnt in China is that everybody has a talent. People love to dance and sing.

But apart from that they have many different hobbies.

I challenge myself everyday to see something new in China. Chinese people love socializing, dancing, singing or playing Chinese games in public places.

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