Termas Geometricas

Geometric hot springs, number one in South America

The Geometric hot springs are designed with harmonious fusion between geometry and the nature. Geometric hot springs are number one in South America, here is why.

The Geometric hot springs called in Spanish Termas Geometricas.

They are considered as World class hot springs designed by Germán del Sol who decided to bring together nature, wood and geometry to construct thermal bath.

The Geometric hot springs are located in Chile in the Villarrica National Park close to town Coñaripe or Pucón (Lake Region).

Termas Geométricas en Chile

How big are the Geometric hot springs?

There are 20 stone pools with waters that sprout above 45ºC. There are also waterfalls, 17 natural hots springs and 3 cold pools to explore. All the installations cover space of 450metres.

The proyect respects completely surrounded nature and combines wooden walkway, lockers, bathrooms or barbeque place where you can buy food and drinks. All this inside of the Villarrica National Park.

Termas geometricas en Chile.

How to get to Termas Geométricas? 

There are 2 ways to get to the Termas Geométricas

  • Take an organised tour, (not recommended)

If you are in Pucon, you can take an organized tour. It starts at midday and finishes in the afternoon.

The transport and the entrance costs 35.000CLP (54USD).

From my personal experience, I don´t recommend  taking tour from Pucon. It takes a lot of time picking up each participant from their accommodation spot. Later, it takes approximately 2 hours from Pucon to reach hot springs in Coñaripe. At the end you don´t have enough time to enjoying  the pools.

  • Rent a car

One of the best  options is to rent a car and get there by your own or share a car with other travellers from the hostel.

  • Stay for night in Coñaripe

Another option would be staying in Coñaripe for a night and getting to Geometricas Hot Springs with local transport.

  • Private transport from the Geometricas Hot Springs

The Geometricas Hot Springs also offers their proper transportation from Coñaripe.

Contact them on their official website to book the transportation.

Or via Turismo Coñaripe.

Getting to the Geometrics Hot Springs is a hassle for incomers as they are quite isolated from bigger towns as Pucón or Temuco.

Ride from Pucón to Termas Teometricas

Find your place to stay


Opening hours

From Sunday to Thursday open from 11AM to 8PM. 

From Friday to Saturday open from 10AM to 11PM.

Check out the opening hours before you go on the official website

Costs of entrance

Adults: $ 31.500

Children 3-12 years old: $ 28.600

Please check out the most updated prices on the official website here.

Remember that Chilean peso has different rate than other peso in South American countries.

Use XE Exchange rate app to have the best rate of the currency.

After visiting Geometricas hot springs for the first time, I totally felt in love in this charming place and came back already three times.

Geometric hot springs are considered as number one in South America. This amazing design combines nature and human talent into harmonious thermal baths.

Hermosas termas geométricas en Chile

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