Elqui Valley Travel Guide

Explore Elqui Valley, Chilean mystery land of pisco, vine and sky full of stars.

My travel guide to Elqui Valley in Chile will help you to better organized your trip before you go.

Elqui Valley, mystery land of pisco, vine, poetry and sky full of stars, here is why

It is a magic place where you can relax and admire the nature with clear sky.

Here in Elqui Valley you can also learn about Chilean poetry. Elqui Valley is home for Gabriela Mistral, Chilean writer, Nobel Prize winner in literature.

Elquí Valley is one of the most important production of wines in Chile, such as Carmenere and Syrah.

Visit Elqui Valley and learn about pisco, Chilean national drink and its production.

How to get to Elqui Valley?

There are a few options how to travel to Elqui Valley.


The easiest access to Elqui Valley is taking local bus from La Serena. You can take it from the bus terminal in La Serena located on the street Amunátegui, Terminal de Buses de La Serena.

Elquí Valley is located 15 kilometres from La Serena.

There are 62 kilometres to reach Vicuña and 38 more to get to Pisco Elqui.


The fastest way to get to Elqui Valley is to take a plane from Santiago de Chile to La Serena and later a bus or a car.

The plane takes less that 1 hour to La Serena.

There are two national airlines in Chile that flight between Santiago and La Serena. Check out your flight with Sky airlines and LAN Chile.

See my secrets of finding cheap flights, here.


You can rent a car and be more independent from the public transport.

How to get to Elqui Valley?

What to visit in Elqui Valley?

Vicuña hometown of Gabriela Mistral

This town is located 62 kilometres from La Serena in the impressive Elqui Valley.

Vicuña is the birthplace for Gabriela Mistral, Chilean writer, first winner of the Nobel Prize in the country. In Vicuña you can visit Gabriela Mistral Museum filled with her poetry and personal belongings.

The Mamalluca Observatory, stargazing tourism in Vicuña

It is one of the most visited places for stargazing in Chile and around the World. People from across the Globe travel to Elqui Valley to visit the astronomical observatories in Vicuña.

Using huge telescopes, you can enjoy one of the clearest sky in the world to see the stars. You can spend several hours watching clear sky with specialized guides that will explain you the phenomena. 

Check out the Mamalluca Observatory for more information.

Discover the route of Pisco, the most famous Chilean drink

Elquí Valley is a place where you can learn how the most famous pisco in the World is made.

Here in Vicuña you can join the route of pisco and learn about the process of production.

The route of pisco in Vicuña will help you to understand all the production of pisco. It includes: cultivation of grapes, reception of the grape, winemaking, distillation, storage and preparation, and then bottling.

Join the the Route of Pisco and learn about entire production of Chilean pisco.

Discover the route of Pisco, the most famous Chilean drink

Pisco Elquí

This charming town is situated 100 kilometres from La Serena.

Pisco Elqui has a lot to offer for the visitors. It is charming town with small church and little square with fountain.

The square in front of the church is considered as central square of the town, where locals sell their handicrafts made of cooper and silver.

Nearby the central square there are restaurants, cafes or groceries. Just in from of the church, there is famoust Pisco Mistral Distillery (see below).

Pisco Elqui, This charming town is situated 100 kilometres from La Serena.

Therapy centres in Elqui Valley

Surprisingly in Pisco Elqui and towns around, there are a lot of famous therapy and relaxations centres.

You can find here proliferation of holistic therapies that offer sessions as: oriental massages, chakra alignment, reiki, yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic food etc.


Just 4 kilometres from Pisco Elquí, there is yet another little village called Montegrande.

Montegrande is very small town where you can spend a few hours walking, enjoying beautiful landscapes and tasting good local food.

Just 4 kilometres from Pisco Elquí, there is yet another little village called Montegrande.

Pisco Mistral Distillery Tour

Learn about the Mistral production process, experience the taste of authentic pisco and visit the museum of pisco in the Pisco Mistral Distillery (Destileria Pisco Mistral).

Take a tour and learn the process of production of Chilean pisco and try its taste.   

After the tour, visit traditional restaurant with carefully selected recipes of Chilean dishes and Mistral Cocktail Bar where you can try different kind of alcoholic drinks prepared with Pisco Mistral.


Handicrafts Horcon Market

At the end of you trip to Elqui valley, you can visit local market in Horcon and get some beautiful handmade gifts.

The local sellers offer a variety of handicrafts as scarves, woven blankets,  hats,  sweaters and sweets from this region.

The local sellers offer a variety of handicrafts as scarves, woven blankets,  hats,  sweaters and sweets from this region.

ABA Pisco Distillery

Local and family ABA Pisco Distillery offers great variety of pisco produced in hte traditional manner.

Visit ABA Pisco Distillery and ask the owner to show you around and learn about the production of traditional pisco.  

The family of ABA Piqueria runs pisco distillery in a very traditional way.

All of the family members work together: picking up the grapes, ferments them at low temperatures and then distils them in copper. All this process is to achieve perfect balance of aroma and alcohol in the very traditional manner.

This pisco is very different in taste and definitely organic.

Elqui Valley: Chilean Papaya Paradise

Chilean Papaya is the culinary jewels from Elqui Valley. Great location with Mediterranean temperature all year long, makes the perfect climate to grow Chilean papaya.

This particular papaya is not the same as the one that grows in the Caribbean location. This species of papaya is unique in this area. It has yellow colour and its pulp is very delicate, juicy and fluffy.

Chilean Papaya produced in Elqui Valley cannot be eaten row. The fruit has to be processed, in order to be consumed. Here in Elqui Valley you can find many interesting and delicious products made of Chilean papaya.

Chilean Papaya is the culinary jewels from Elqui Valley.

My travel guide to Elqui valley was written based on my personal experience of travelling here. It is one of the most magic places in Chile and definitely should be on your bucket list. There is so much to learn about Chilean culture, poetry, culinary and national drinks as pisco and vine.

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If you previously visited Elqui Valley and have any suggestions or questions to my travel guide please leave a comment below .


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