Palafitos in Chile, Chiloe Island

Chiloe Island in Chile, Travel Guide

Chiloe Island in Chile: green paradise with palafitos and wooden churches

Chiloe Island is Chilean Green paradise in the South of Chile, famous for its splendid nature, UNESCO protected wooden churches and palafitos (stilted houses), check out this Travel Guide.

Chiloe Island Travel Guide

Ancud on Chiloe Island in Chile with its beautiful wooden houses

What is Chiloe Island famous for?

The Island is famous for its beautiful green nature, delicious culinary and wooden churches protected by UNESCO and strong Chilean traditions.

Chiloe Island shares dramatic scenery, diverse landscapes, rich heritage that you can´t miss while travelling in Chile.

Check out my Travel Guide and be ready for your trip better.

Beautiful coastline on Chiloe  Island in Chile

Where exactly is Chiloe Island?

Magic place called a gateway to the South of Chile, located approximately 1200kilometres from the capital of Chile, Santiago and only 60Kilomentres from Puerto Montt.

What to do and see on Chiloe Island?

From splendid nature, stilted houses, wooden churches and delicious Cuisine, Chiloe Island offers magic time and unbelievable moments. Visit these places on the Island.


Just after crossing the Chacao canal ferry you will arrive to the town of Ancud. That is the first stop in the Chiloe Island. The town has charming coast with beautiful cliffs, rich gastronomy and charming people.

beautiful nature of Chiloe Island in Chile


Here in Castro you can see and photograph Chiloe Palafitos (stilted houses). These houses were built in 1800s and most of them are hotel and restaurants and only some of them are houses for locals.

Palafitos in Castro

Palafitos, the symbol of Chiloe Island

Palafitos are wooden houses that consist of two fronts: one of them facing the street and another water canal. Normally Palafitos have upper terrace that serves as a patio but also is used for fishing.

palafitos, symbol of Chiloe Island in Chile

Nothing higher than the Cathedral in Castro

On the main square of Castro, there is an amazing Cathedral protected by  UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cathedral in Castro is also declared as a Chilean National Monument. The cathedral is unique for its architecture and colours.

For sure, it is believed by the locals that there can´t be any higher building on the Island than the Cathedral itself.

Castro Cathedral protected by  UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dalcahue Handicraft Market

Once travelling in the southern part of the Island, you have to visit lovely village Dalcahue.

This little town is recognised for its handicraft markets and wooden churches. Here on the very local market you can get handicrafts made of Chiloe wool.

Dalcahue Handicraft Market on Chiloe Island

In Dalcahue you can see beautiful and colourful wooden houses. Colouring houses on the Chiloe Island is very traditional way of decorating houses them with strong colouring paint.

In Dalcahue you can see beautiful and colourful wooden houses. Colouring houses on the Chiloe Island is very traditional way of decorating houses them with strong colouring paint.

Chiloe Island and its wooden churches protected by World Heritage Site UNESCO

Dazzling wooden Churches named World Heritage. Nowadays there are more than 150 wooden churches on the Island and sixteen of them have been declared on World heritage sites.

Chiloe Island and its wooden churches protected by World Heritage Site UNESCO

What to eat on the Chiloe Island?

The most famous delicacy on the Island is traditional Curanto.

This dish has been nationally recognised as the culinary symbol od the Island.

Curanto is made of sea food, meat, sausages, vegetables all together cooked in a hole in the ground.

Paila Marina on Chiloe Island

How to get to Chiloe Island?

The best and the fastest way to get to the South of Chile and later to Chiloe is to fly from Santiago de Chile to Puerto Montt.

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Later take a boat from Puerto Montt that crosses the channel of the Chacao with ferry toward Chiloe.

How to organise all the logistics?

First take a bus from the city of Puerto Montt, Terminal Bus Cruz del Sur.  

The most recommendable company to travel in the South of Chile is recommend Cruz del Sur with its comfortable and has regular schedule of buses.

The bus will be driven by ferry while crossing the channel of the Chacao.

There is no need of booking in advance as there are buses every hour or even more frequent, check here.  (Price aprox 2.000CLP).

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When is the best time to travel to Chiloe Island?

The most convenient weather for your visit on the Chiloe Island is the Chilean summer. On the southern hemisphere summer is from January to March. During this time the weather is the warmest.

Remember that Chiloe Island is very rainy and wet Island. The coldest months are from July to October, but The rainiest months are from May to August.

Summer time on Chiloe Island in Chile

Where to stay on Chiloe Island?

Chiloe Island offers very traditional accommodations adjusted for every budget.

Here you can find from luxurious hotels with spa and amazing views into small budget hostels.

See here the best option for your budget here.

Why you should visit Chiloe Island?

Travelling to Chiloe Island in Chile is perfect occasion to better understand Chilean culture.

Chiloe Island in Chile is green paradise, famous for beautiful nature, wooden churches and palafitos, plan your trip with this Travel Guide.

Visit Chilean green paradise, wooden churches and palafitos in the South of Chile and have the best time ever on the Chiloe Island.

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If you visited Chiloe Island, please leave a comment below about your experience, recommendations and other places to visit.

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