Camping on the Jordanian desert, what to expect?

During my trip in Jordan I was constantly looking for an adventure.

Travelling with local buses, eating in small local places or drinking tea on every corner was a great chance to understand better Bedouin hospitality and culture.

During my trip, I decided to isolate myself from massive tourists.

So, I travelled to a family camp in Wadi Rum to spend some time by my own, disconnect from the internet and walk on the desert.

While I was on the Jordanian desert, I realized that it would be a great chance to plan my upcoming events and trips.

Jordanian Desert in Wadi Rum  (Valley of the Moon).

Located in the far south part of Jordan, rippled sand dunes, and clear night skies create an almost fairy-tale setting across an unpopulated area with the size of the big city like Beijing.

For sure, it is must see part of Jordan with the most dramatic and colorful landscapes.

Once you arrive to Wadi Rum, you will feel like travelling through the geological evolution of Earth. Only here, many of the places on the desert are older than the Dead Sea.

How to handle being completely disconnected on the middle of the desert?

At the beginning it was hard as I landed in the middle of nowhere on the small camping between the huge Rocky Mountains.

After a short nap I realized that it will be great challenge for me to stay disconnected, just walk on the hot dessert and write about my experience here. At the end I loved my time here.

What can you expect from place like this?

Well, caves and surrounding camping are great, well-equipped and beautiful.

You can definitely have big and comfortable bed in the Bedouin tent.

They are beautifully decorated; beds are very comfortable with double blankets for you. Each tent has a window and door that you can lock down completely.  

Are there any bathrooms and water supply if we are on the desert?

Of course.  They are very well-prepared to face our needs.

They have great kitchen, big common area, toilets with showers and running water.

What is the price for staying on the campsite like this?

Generally staying on the camping is affordable.

Mostly breakfast is included but lunch or dinner are optional. You can find very reasonable prices on the internet.

Nevertheless, the prices include just sleeping in the tent and breakfast, tentative.

Before you get to the Wadi Rum, (the village where you will start your trip to the desert) contact the camping you booked and negotiate the price.

They have to drive you to the desert, always stopping in the most emblematic places of the Jordanian desert. Before you get to the campsite, it is recommended to negotiate meals.

How long time you should stay on the campsite?

Also, you can decide if you want to stay on the dessert for 1, 2 or 3 days.

From my experience, it is good to stay there for 2 days, visit the desert, sleep in the camping and next day go back to the village and follow your travelling plans.

Prices range is from 20-35JD for 1-2 days tour in the Bedouin camp.

If you want to have higher standard or luxury capsule, then find all the details on The camping I stayed is run by Bedouin family, find it here.

Do I recommend it?

Throughout my journey in Jordan, I really enjoyed travelling on the desert and being surrounded by local Bedouin family, learning about their culture and try local cuisine.

If you like adventure, remote places, then go for it. You won’t regret it.

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