Bogota, the capital of Colombia from Above

Bogotá for budget traveller, Travel Guide

The Colombian capital Bogotá is a great place for budget traveller, this travel guide shows the most interesting places to visit for little money or completely for free.

Bogotá has a lot to offer for budget traveller from historical centres, great museums, street art, cafe or green parks.

These are must see places to visit for free in Bogotá: Montserrat on the 3.100metres above the sea level, Botero Museum, La Candelaria, Plazoleta del Chorro de Quevedo, Plaza de Bolivar and Museo de Oro, see the complete travel guide.

Through the variety of things that represents the capital of Colombia, everybody will find something for its style, taste and budget.

Street Art in Bogota, see my Bogotá for budget traveller, Travel Guide.

Bogota, one of the highest located city in the World

Colombian capital located on the 2,640 metres above the sea level.

The population of Bogotá is almost 7 million people (only Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires are bigger than Bogota in the South America).

Bogotá is a green city with a lot of parks and hills as Monserrate and Guadalupe.

What to do in Bogotá?

Streets of Bogotá are full of international bars, restaurants, hotels and hostels. For many people, Bogotá is the first stop after arriving to Colombia. Colombian capital became great meeting point for foreigners and backpackers.

Along the streets of the centre of Bogota, you will notice the South American temperament with kind, honest and happy Colombian people. This travel guide has a lot of tips for budget traveller in Bogotá, check it out.


Monserrate, top destination in the city of Bogota located in 3.100 metres above the sea level that can be reached by funicular or cable car.

Check out the details and prices of the funicular and cable car here.

There is also a possibility of hiking to the top, which seems to be very important for religious people.

At the top of this hill, there is a 17th century church, two restaurants and handicraft market good enough to find local gastronomy products and crafts.

I totally recommend going to Monserrate as the city view point is stunning and absolutely worth visiting to have good memories from the capital of Colombia.

See this video of 10 reasons why you should visit Bogotá.

Monserrate, top destination in the city of Bogota located in 3.100 metres above sea level that can be reached by funicular or cable car. Bogotá for budget traveller, Travel Guide.

Botero Museum for free

The museum is located in the cultural and historical centre of Bogota, La Candelaria.

The  Botero museum is really worth to visit and see the unique art of Colombian artist Fernando Botero.

There are 123 unique paintings made with the techniques as: drawing, watercolour, oil, pastel and sculpture.

The entrance to the museum is for free and the opening hours are the following: 

Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 7PM.

Tuesday is closed

Sunday and holidays from 10AM to 5PM.

See the most updated information in the official website, here.

Botero Museum in Colombia. See: Bogotá for budget traveller, Travel Guide.

La Candelaria for free

La Candelaria is the oldest and most visited place in Bogota.

While walking on the streets of La Candelaria you will notice charming balconies and colourful wooden doors that represent the passage of time and the present.

The Old wooden houses in La Candelaria are called ´tesoros coloniales´ (colonial treasures).

Only a few minutes walking from La Candelaria, there are are modern buildings that represents new generation of 21st century.

La Candelaria shows interesting contrast between historic Colombian and modern age.

La Candelaria, Bogotá for budget traveller, Travel Guide.

Plazoleta del Chorro de Quevedo

In 1538 in this place Bogota was found by a citadel of the Muiscas. It was an indigenous tribe that dominated the central Colombian highlands.

Nowadays it is one of the most visited places with a lot of museums, bars, restaurants or pubs.

It is an interesting place to visit and mix with young people creative people that play music and share beers and aguardiente (Colombian typical alcohol).

Plazoleta del Chorro de Quevedo. Bogotá for budget traveller, Travel Guide.

Plaza de Bolivar

The Square is located in the city centre of Bogota on the 2650 metres above the sea level. The Plaza Mayor is considered as one of the most important place in Bogota and also in the country of Colombia.

Plaza de Bolivar plays important social, cultural and political scene where the most important decisions are taken to the nation and the history of Colombia.

Every day there are a thousand of tourists that visit Plaza de Bolivar, enjoying its beauty, learning about the history and spending wonderful time around.

Plaza Bolivar: The Square is located in the city centre of Bogota on the 2650 metres above the sea level. The Plaza Mayor is considered as one of the most important. Bogotá for budget traveller, Travel Guide.

Museo de Oro/ Gold Museum

This museum is very important for the history of Colombia. It has the biggest collection of pre – Hispanic goldwork in the world.

There are approximately 34,000 pieces of gold and about 25,000 objects in pottery, stone, shell, bone and textiles.

It exhibits pieces of different indigenous cultures before arriving of Europeans.

There are the following: Calima, Muiscas, Nariño, Quimbaya, Sinú, Tairona, San Agustín, Tierradentro, Tolima and many others.

The opening hours: 

Tuesday to Saturdayfrom 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.
Sundays and holidaysfrom 10:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.

On Mondays it is closed. 

Entrance fees: 

From Tuesday to Saturday: $4.000 (1.3USD)

On Sundays the entrance is for free for everyone.

Remember to check the currency rate with XE Currency App to understand better the local money. The good thing about this app is that you can also use offline.

Gold Museum, Bogotá for budget traveller, Travel Guide.

What to eat in Bogota?

One of the best cuisines are Tamales. It is made of corn flour, rice, peas, carrot, boiled egg with peace of pork, bacon and chicken, enrolled into the bananas leaves and cooked all together.

Normally it contains meat, but there is also vegetarian option or tamal with chicken.

The taste of tamal is just delicious and definitely you have to try it once travelling in Bogotá.

Check it here, how to prepare real Colombian Tamales.

Tamales, Bogotá for budget traveller, Travel Guide.

When is the best time to travel to Bogota?

The weather in Bogota changes spontaneously from one minute into another. The best time to travel to Bogotá is during Colombian summer, from December till March.

These are the months of the year with the driest weather so there is a chance you will have some nice weather.

How to get to Bogota?

Bogotá is very well connected city thanks the El Dorado International Airport, Bogotá.  

Please see my secrets of finding cheap flights and visit Bogota in Colombia.

Free walking tour in Bogota

Throughout my travelling across the Globe and visiting big cosmopolitan cities, I strongly recommend signing for free walking tour and discovering Bogota through the eyes of locals.

This is the best and the most economic way to learn about Bogotá, its culture, history and traditions.

Street Art, Bogotá for budget traveller, Travel Guide.

These are recommended companies

1.     Free Walking Tour Bogota with

2.     Free Historical Centre Tour of Bogota with strawberry tours

3.     Free Peace & Violence Tour with strawberry tours

4. Graffiti tour. This is for sure must do thing in Bogotá as the Colombian capital is the South American capital of Graffiti.

Where to stay in Bogota?

Bogota is cool!

Bogota is an interesting capital city to explore. There are attractions for every budget, taste and preferences.

All the information provided is based on my personal experience of visiting Bogotá in Colombia. For more information, tips, adventures and guides please subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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