Authentical Traditional Chinese Wedding in the village. Check this out!

These images and documentaries that you previously watched in the TV happened to be real when it comes to Chinese wedding celebration and long tradition in Chinese village.

All the knowledge you gained from these documentaries and movies, were true! Chinese immense and traditional weddings still exist!

Somewhere in the Hainanese jungle on Hainan Island, south of China, there was a day when a girl from traditional Chinese family married her Chinese prince.

I had this unique opportunity to be part of this event, when I realized that all the memories and knowledge,

I had from watching documentaries about Asian wedding were true.


In the early morning the bride and the bride-mates gather together to prepare for this special day.

As Chinese tradition says, the bride has to wear red dress and pure gold jewellery.

During the celebration on her property, she has to stay in her room until the groom picks her up after lunch time.

This time on her family side there were over 700 guests.

All the guests will sit in previously prepared tables and taste long time prepared traditional dishes.

She still stays in her room without showing her outlook and costume to anybody.

Warm up

Before lunch at bride’s property the most important guests, family members and friends gather together for coffee and some snack in the bride’s house.

All this to meet better the closes friends and family friends of the groom.

During the meeting, all people listen to load music and the mother of the bride serves coffee to all guests.

After the lunch with finishes, finally the groom and his mates come to pick her up.

There are a lot of Chinese style games prepared for the groom and his mates to release the bride from her room.

Finally, when all this is finished, the couple walk to the local temple to pay respect to all the most important family members.

The car convoys

Finally, the car convoy with the newlyweds and the closest family members travel to groom’s house.

The bride officially moves to groom’s house on her wedding day.

During that day all the invited guests come to see how the couple will live.

The grooms house

When the evening comes, new guests that were invited from grooms’ side, will gather together for previously prepared dinner for over 700 guests and in ties from grooms’ side.

In grooms house the tables with traditional dishes were previously settled in front of the groom’s house, on the street and in the neighbour’s properties!

As tradition says, in the evening celebration both the groom and bride have to raise toast with each and every table.

This time during the evening ceremony there were over 70 tables with more than 700 guests.

Red pocket for honoured guests

If you are honoured guests during Chinese wedding, you will get red pocket from the Newlyweds couple and also their parents.

This is not a joke; honoured guests get red pockets with money for participating in the wedding.

Me as a honoured guests and bride mate I got 3 of them.

Food on Chinese wedding

To my absolute surprise, in both houses (grooms and brides house) the meals were exactly the same but prepared in 2 different houses by different hired previously people.

How Chinese people celebrate?

During the Chinese wedding there are no dance or karaoke.

People gather together just to eat and drink beer and typical Chinese baijiu, traditional Chinese rice-wine, with the guests.

Chinese dress for the bride

Completely different from western culture, the bride will wear 2 different red dress for her wedding day.

The first dress she wears for her family celebration will be different from the one she will wear for the grooms’ house.

Colours on the wedding Red plays a vital role in Chinese weddings, because this colour is associated with success, loyalty, honour, fertility, and love, amongst others.

Because of this, decorations at Chinese weddings are generally in red, and so is the bride’s dress.

Chinese photo session before the wedding

Chinese young couples try to follow western tendencies.

Since it is very hard due to strong traditional and family believes. The only way we will see the bride with white wester style dress is during the pre-wedding photo sessions.

All the photo session that the couple took before the wedding will be shown during their wedding day on presentation or previously prepared photo albums.

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