Hainan Island, tropical Chinese paradise. Do you know it?

The Island is located in the south of China.

Hainan is the smallest province in China and the only one located outside of Mainland.

Just here you can find tropical Chinese paradise that most of westerners don’t know that exists in China. Chinese people call it Hawaii.

The island has tropical climate, clean air, healthy food and charming local people. Hainan Island is Chinese Tropical paradises that happen to be a dream for each chinese citizen.

These are my top recommendation to visit on the Island.

Qilou Old Street in Haikou

The most emblematic spot to visit in Hiakou is colonial Qilou Old Street.

It is only colonial street preserved till today.

Its colours, charm, beauty attract visitors from China and overseas.

The street is located in the old town of Haikou and has been maintained in Nanyang-style architecture making it unique and the most visited spot in the city.

Glass Bridge in Sanya

Yalong Bay Forest Park Glass Bridge is the longest and highest bridge on the Hainan Island.

Located in the city of Sanya, 350 metres long and 30 metres high.

From the top you can enjoy charming Sanya Bay with tropical beaches and rainforest.

Mission Hills Hot Springs and Spa in Haikou

In this Spa resort you can find over 300 individual pools and Spa.

All of them are divided into different themes inspired by famous places from across the Globe.

The Volcanic stone, waterfalls and bamboo have been combined together as a symbol of natural resources of Hainan Island.

Due to its variety of pools, immense size and diversity, the Spa resort has been attracting international tourists.

 If you travel to Hainan Island, then the Mission Hills Spa Resort must be on your list.

Tropical Urban Park located just in the heart of Haikou

Just in the centre of the Haikou, you can find the biggest park in the city called Evergreen Park.

Its beauty, tropical plants, lakes and sea cost will help you to disconnect and relax from everyday routine.

In this park you can find more than ten thousand of coconut trees and hundreds of species of South Asian Ornamental plants.

These green lungs of Haikou city are definitely worth to visit.

Five Finger Mountains

The Wuzhi Mountain (Five Finger Mountain, or Wuzhi Shan in Chinese) is located in Wuzhishan City is the highest point on the Hainan Island with 1,867m above the sea level.

The Five Finger Mountain offers tropical scenic spots, high ancient trees, exotic flowers, wildlife animals, insect, enormous butterflies and reptiles, so be ready for this wild adventure in the Hainanese rainforest.

While walking through this unique jungle you will be accompanied by all rhythmic sounds.



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